Reptile Super Show 2022 Los Angeles, CA

Reptile Super Show Pomona Fairplex

If you’re into pet reptiles, this expo is a must-do. They’ve got just about every type of lizard and snake pet you can think of (and probably never heard of) along with all the supplies you need to either get started or continue your journey as a reptile enthusiast. You’ll also find more experts at the expo than anywhere else in the country.

In a nutshell, the Reptile Super Show is a two day meet up for reptile enthusiasts of all types. The expo occurs multiple times a year throughout the US, and offers the opportunity of interacting with a plethora of seasoned vendors handling all types of amphibians, insects, and reptiles.

This was my experience at the Reptile Show which took place in the Pomona Fairplex in the county of Los Angeles back in December of 2022

Is The Reptile Super Show Free?

The Reptile Show is most definitely NOT free. Although it’s a two day event (Saturday and Sunday), I only paid for one day, as I figured one day well spent at the event would be more than enough, and it was.

I paid a total of $18.65 cents, but tickets for kids ages 12 and under cost roughly $12. Prices are subject to change.

If you’re thinking about going to the next show, click the link here to choose the location of the event and purchase your ticket(s). There are events coming up in July and August 2023.

Is Parking Free?

Parking is not free. Be prepared to pay $20 per parking space via credit card, apple pay, or android pay only. Cash will not be accepted for parking.

There is no way to pay for parking in advanced.

Why You Should Consider Going To The Reptile Super Show

As you probably already assumed, there are many reasons to check out the Reptile Super Show, but incase you’re new to this space and culture, I’ve listed some of the most common reasons below.

  1. View hundreds of exotic animals
  2. Meet like-minded people
  3. Learn from professionals (many of whom own their own pet shop)
  4. Shop supplies for your pet
  5. Take home a new scaly pet
  6. Fun for the whole family

Remember that reptiles are not the only types of animals at the expo. I saw animals from ants and spiders to fish and even an owl. Sometimes, vendors will take their non-reptile pets just for show, such as the owl I just mentioned, making the entire event even more memorable.

I have a funny story to tell you regarding like-minded people at the show. Usually, like-minded people tend to dress, look, or speak the same, such as people who listen to a certain genre of music, or people who are patriotic, or vegans.

However, I quickly noticed that all people, including vendors and visitors, at the expo were extremely diverse. I’m not talking about politics here, I simply noticed that I couldn’t pinpoint the exact type of person who I would label a “reptile enthusiast.”

I noticed people who looked like metal heads, others that looked like they were more into hip-hop, families who you’d picture at Disneyland more than a reptile show, and people of literally all ages. It was an awesome sight to see.

If there was ever a time to learn about reptiles, or adopt a new pet, it would be here at the show. From my experience, all the vendors were extremely passionate and very willing to answer everyone’s questions.

They realize the more educated we are about these amazing animals, the better off our pet’s life will be. Therefore, ask away. No question is too “dumb” to ask.

Tip: The supplies prices at the expo are not bad at all. Vendors don’t raise the price simply because it’s a popular event. However, negotiating with vendors is more than welcome, especially if you’re planning on buying multiple items.

Experienced expo visitors know this, which is why they are the very first ones to show up at the expo and proceed to buy everything they need before it sells out. In fact, many of these people only show up specifically for the bargains, then head out once their shopping list is complete.

Is The Reptile Super Show Family Friendly?

As I’ve already mentioned, the expo is a family friendly environment for everyone to enjoy. I witnessed zero indecency, hostility, or negativity. Take your entire family and have a blast.

Reptile Super Show Vendors

Remember, you can find virtually any type of vendor in the reptile space at the show. I’m not kidding.

The image below is a display of Ship Your Reptiles company, a business centered around safely shipping any of your pet reptiles across the country.

However, you’ll find vendors specializing in everything from the animals themselves to substrates, cage essentials, food, and even hatching your very own chameleon egg!

Ship Your Reptiles

terrarium plants and supplies

snake country

deans reptiles & rodents

Dark Cloud Reptiles

reptile & aquatic wood

hatch your own chameleon
You can now hatch your very own chameleon egg!
Yours truly holding an 80 pound beast


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